Day Care Programs
We can visit your day care and through hands on, animal interaction programs, children explore the natural world and begin to understand the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals.
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RANGER DAN and RANGER JACKIE your wildlife experts are blue card certified.

Our programs CONNECT CHILDREN TO THE NATURAL WORLD around them and teach them how to respect the environment. Our program are designed to meet learning outcome 2 of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Hands on Wildlife is COMPLETELY MOBILE we bring our animals directly into your centre.

GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES! All of our programs are hands on, children get to touch and hold the animals if they want to.


7 visits per year

Children become true wildlife explorers.

Each month we will feature a different type of creature.

  1. Lizard Life
  2. Snake Safety
  3. Meet Marsupials
  4. Creepy Crawly Insects
  5. Create Camouflage
  6. Swamp Creatures
  7. Sea Creatures

$7 per visit, per child


4 visits per year

Each visit children will journey through a different Australian habitat.

We will learn about what animal need to survive in their habitats and how we can create healthier habitats for Australia’s wildlife.

  1. Outback
  2. Bush
  3. Rainforest
  4. Wetlands and Tidal Zones

$8 per visit, per child


2 visits per year

Learn how all of our animals are connected from the coast to the outback with two exciting visits.

  1. Creeks, wetlands, and tidal shore animals
  2. Bush, rainforest, outback animals

$9 per visit, per child


1 visit per year

Discover the wonderful world of Australian animals with this hour long, action packed adventure.

Lizards, snakes, marsupials and crocodiles bring your classroom to life.

$10 per child

Our year is filling up quickly so get in touch today

to make sure you get the dates that work best for your centre.

Wildlife Experts

Ranger Dan and Jackie

Book your Day Care Visit today.

Call Ranger Dan on 0437 056 156

Hands on Willdife maintains full public liability insurance and can provide risk assessments for our programs.